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• Quick Installation - This lightweight gate, with its integrated gate operator and components, reduces both the installation time and complexity.
• Dependable Operation - Designed and Engineered for up to 1,000 openings per day.

• Expandable - Utilize an optional Emergency gate to expand coverage up to 36 feet.


Use the Digitech Vertical Lift & Fold Gate Operator for Superior Operation and Dependability

Self-storage locations need more dependability than many gate systems can offer. The Digitech VLF Gate System stands up to the challenges of frequent and rapid operation, ease of installation, and limited maintenance. The Digitech VLF Gate System will handle your traffic flow at an affordable cost.
The Digitech VLF is a complete gate system that ships ready to install and includes the integrated operator, barrier, catch post and controls. With an operator footprint of 12” x 20”, it requires minimal space in the critical entry area.
This easy-to-install gate features a variety of styles to match architectural fencing designs. All components are carefully chosen and treated for a long corrosion-free life.
Unlike many vertical pivot gates, the Digitech VLF Gate takes advantage of superior engineering in its patented Lift & Fold mechanism. The lighter weight and mechanical design offer a much less intimidating and imposing gate, even though it gives equal protection and
access control.


Look at these features:

  • Power/Back-up - A battery-powered, 12-volt system that can be either trickle charged (AC) or solar charged. If the power goes out, the gate continues to operate. Fire and safety systems (Knox Box, etc.) also continue to operate.
  • Durable Operation - Designed for 1,000 + openings per day.
  • Manual Release - A lockable manual release is incorporated into the upper rail and can be reached from either side.
  • Component Protection - Comes standard with a two coat zinc/powder coated sheet metal enclosure surrounding the operator frame protecting all control components.
  • Advanced Electronics - Includes one infrared sensor and reflector, solid state self diagnostic electronics enclosed in a weather tight box, a radio receiver with antenna, and two transmitters.
  • Long Lasting Finish - Powder coating and marinizing applied appropriately to the materials used in the gate keep it rust free longer than competitive gates.
  • Safe to Operate - Safety features include loop detectors, infrared sensing, current sensing and manual releases.
  • Easy to Operate - Operational speed of 8 - 12 seconds, adjustable, from start to full open or full closed.
  • Easy to Maintain - All control functions are easily viewable by LEDs on the main circuit board.
  • Construction Choices - For the gate and any required matching fence panels, choose aluminum or steel.



Quick, Quiet, Dependable Operation

Dual and Master/Slave System

By combining two gates, you can span up to 36' of driveway width. These can operate independently (entry/exit) or simultaneously (master/slave). They may have a 2-sided center catch post (independent operation) or have no center post (independent or master slave). An electric magnetic lock can be mounted in the center pickets for additional security. A shock absorber extends from the bottom of the center pickets in the no-catch post systems and centers in a stainless steel guide pocket mounted in the center of the roadway.

Retractor System
Digitech International, Inc. provides accessories that allow a pilaster to be built around the operator for custom architectural requirements. This system consists of a base track on which the operator is mounted, a fiberglass box that surrounds the operator around which the masonry or other materials are constructed, and a linear actuator that can be powered by your cordless drill for extending and retracting the operator for service. This box performs as a “garage” for the operator and keeps it from contamination while allowing free movement of the operator and associated wiring for servicing.



Emergency Vehicle Access (EVA)
An optional emergency access barrier up to 18' can be annexed to the VLF gate to provide a combined access of up to 36'. This optional barrier section includes a catch post which sets in a fold down driveway mounted receiver. Upon release by emergency personnel, the barrier and catch post lifts and folds mechanically to allow full-width access. The main barrier is triggered to open at the same time and will remain open until the EVA section is reset in its normal operating position.

Digitech VLF Gate Operator - Integrated System Specifications

Standard - maximum length to 18' - maximum height to 6'
Custom heights available

Picket Styles:

Standard - Plain capped
Custom - Pressed spear point, cast points, and filigree available

Gate Operator:

12” wide x 20” deep to 6' high
10 Ga. steel front and rear members - Ό” steel base and top members
Mount - 4 anchor bolts - 5/8” x 12” minimum
Heavy-duty bearings - 1” stainless steel axles
Lift systems - Ball screw linear actuator
Counterbalance - Commercial grade springs engineered for 500,000 to 1,000,000 cycles
Ball bearing spring hangers
Operational speed of 8 - 12 seconds, adjustable, from start to full open or full closed

Barrier Styles:

Peak, Hill, and Prairie
Custom - Design to conform to engineering requirements and driveway topography

Power System:

Heavy duty, 12-volt marine battery - minimum 60 month; customer-provided


Mounted remotely in gasketed, weather-tight box
Solid state - no relays - PWM speed control, self diagnostic
Radio remote - 2 transmitters included
Interfaces with all standard, phone entry, touch pad, card reader, and loop detector entry and exit systems (Dry contact)


Loop detector for in-ground sensing loops
Infrared detector
Current-sensing backup
Manual release lever is built into upper rail - lockable - one hand operation

Pickets - 1” x 1” .065 aluminum square tubing
  Ύ” x Ύ”, 16Ga. pre-galvanized steel or .062 aluminum square tubing
  5/8” x 5/8”, 16Ga. pre-galvanized steel square tubing
Rails - 2” x2”, 16Ga. pre-galvanized steel or .125 aluminum square tubing
Enclosure - Galvanized sheet metal
Paint -
Double powder coat finish - 6 standard colors - custom colors available

Warranty: 1 Year - ( See Limited Warranty for details )


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