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Plastic Vertical Tubing

  PVT slats are flat tubular plastic extrusions which are inserted into any type of chain link fencing to add beauty and privacy to both sides of the fence. Once installed PVT slats are virtually maintenance free. Salt, sand and road dirt will not harm the slats in any way. Due to the VU inhibited thermo plastic design PVT slats will not fade, chip, or discolor for at least ten years. By means of a unique manufacturing process the locking notch and top end of the slat are a fixed distance assuring a straight edge along top of slats.
   Material Specifications;
Resistance to heat = 270F / Low temperature brittleness = -76F / Tensile strength ASTM D638 = 3700 PSI
Melt index = .24 / Density = .951 / Fexural Modulus ASTM D747 = 144 PSI
   General Specifications;
The P.V.T. fence slats are flat tubular in shape with a wall thickness of .030" =/-.003". The slats come in four different widths; 1.0" +/- .030", 1.125" +/- .030", 1.250" +/- .030", and 2.375" +/- .035".
The depth of all four slats is .325" +/- .025". The length of the slats are 2" +/- 1/4" shorter than the height of the chain link fence. The fence slats are manufactured from a combination of quality base high density virgin polyethylene; color pigments, and ultra violet inhibitor, specifically designed to retard the harmful affects of sunlight and lengthen the useful life of the product. The P.V.T. slats have a wind load factor of 75% when installed.

Aluminum Diagonal Lattice

  Imagine your own backyard, private, safe, beautiful--all the things it should be--and can be. By adding aluminum fence lattice to your chain link fence. . . . and you can do it yourself.
You can choose from many decorator colors. Aluminum fence lattice looks beautiful from both sides.
Special spring tempered ally, protected with a backed -on enamel finish, ensures you will enjoy easy maintenance living.
If rain doesn't keep it clean, the garden hose will. The sun won't fade the colors and the enamel won't chip, crack, or peel.
   Specifications for aluminum fence slats;
Width of both the 2" and 1-7/8" wide slats is 0.009 before painting and 0.010 (+) 0.0005" after painting.
The material is made of extra high tensile aluminum (alloy 5052, H-19) painted with high baked enamel on a bonderized surface with U.S. standard 0.06%.
Tensile strength of 37 kg/mm2 before paint and 36 kg/mm2 after paint.
Yield strength of 35 kg/mm2 before paint and 30 kg/mm2 after paint.

Winged Slat

  The proven quality of Tri-Seal's standard slats plus unique "wings" for more privacy and security. Easy installation - no locking system needed!
   General Specifications;
Each slat includes a rigid (flat) tubular body, with flexible resilient wing portions position on each side of the slat body. This increases the width and screening power of the slat without adding much weight. Made from virgin high-density polyethylene, flexible E.V.A. along with color pigments and ultraviolet inhibitor, specifically designed to retard the harmful effect of the sun and lengthen the life of the slat.
   Material Specifications;
Tensile strength = 3,700 PSI, Resistance to heat = 250 degree F, Low temperature brittleness = -105 degree F, Flexural stiffness = 120,000 PSI, and Wind load factor = 90%.
   Size Specifications;
Slats come in standard heights of : 4ft., 5ft., 6ft., and 7ft.. Special heights available upon request; however, for heights exceeding 7ft., we would recommend using 2 half sizes (i.e. for 10ft. fence, use two 5ft. slats). This will not lessen privacy. Slat length approximately 2" shorter than height of chain link fence, Width approximately 1-7/16".  One bag of slats covers 10 linear feet of fence.


   "FOR-EVERGREEN" is a permanent, luxurious looking fence hedge. It is a beautiful Shrub-Like Fence Filler providing total privacy with exquisite natural earth tones.
"FOR-EVERGREEN" is a durable, permanent, privacy hedge filler, used by private home owners who want to beautify and existing or new fence, or by commercial centers and businesses who want to easily enhance the look of their work environment.
"FOR-EVERGREEN" permanent hedging filler strips are easy to install and so beautiful to look at. They provide privacy with no maintenance cares or worries.
Our "FOR-EVERGREEN" is truly the finest, permanent, shrub-like hedge fence filler available anywhere. One box of For-Evergreen will do approximately 10 feet of fencing, depending on manufacturer's wire and size of diamond.

Plastic Weave

   Material Specifications;
Resistance to heat = 270F / Low temperature brittleness = -76F / Tensile strength ASTM D638 = 3700 PSI
Melt index = .24 / Density = .951 / Fexural Modulus ASTM D747 = 144 PSI
Plastic weave is 1-7/8" wide only
Sold in 250 ft. rolls, each roll covers 40 sq. ft., comes with solid brass pins ( buttons (100 per roll))